Coveo Launches New Email Search Paradigm with Cross-Enterprise Email Search

Coveo Enterprise Email Search Makes All Email and Attachments Discoverable and Searchable, Regardless of Storage: Online Servers, Archives, and even Offline on Desktops

CHICAGO & QUEBEC CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Coveo, a leading provider of enterprise search technology and information access solutions, today announced the launch of its most recent innovation: the Coveo Enterprise Email Search package which, for the first time, provides organizations with unified access to all email and attachments across the enterprise, whether offline in all employees' desktop PST files, or online, on live email servers and in email archiving platforms. Traditional email search enables only the employee to access his or her desktop email, reducing knowledge sharing and creating roadblocks to information access. Coveo's industry-first Enterprise Email Search package provides organizations with the cross-organizational ability to:

    --  Index, tag, categorize and securely access all enterprise email content
        to reduce risk and conduct investigations;
    --  Provide completely unified access to email and attachments regardless of
        where they are stored, offline within PST files on desktops or laptops,
        or online within active Exchange or email archiving platforms such as
        Symantec Enterprise Vault and Quest Archive Manager;
    --  Access all unified email sources via user desktop and web interfaces, or
        mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, including precise navigation
        within the content using intuitive facets;
    --  Retain and access institutional knowledge and goodwill when employees
        leave, enhancing customer relationships and increasing productivity; and
    --  Implement permission-based access to specific email accounts, workgroup
        or enterprise emails tagged as public, reducing rework, increasing
        productivity and, particularly for consulting and other knowledge-based
        organizations, leveraging institutional knowledge to support customer

The Coveo Enterprise Email Search package, combining elements of the Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0 platform, enables knowledge continuity and sharing, and reduces risk by enabling customers to discover the previously undiscoverable - email content residing within PST files on the desktops and laptops of all employees combined with all email archive content. Coveo Enterprise Email Search provides both cross-enterprise email search and discovery, and permission- or rules-based access for employees to search the combined email of their workgroups, former colleagues and other specific groups of email within the organization. Coveo's permissioning and rules are self-service for system administrators through the intuitive Coveo Enterprise Search Admin Dashboard. The access permissions and rules reside within the content, making security seamless, instant, and constant. The Coveo Enterprise Email Search package may be used with Coveo Mobile Access, providing real-time, faceted access for employees in the field, via their smartphones.

"Coveo strives to continually make search easier and more flexible, modular and scalable for our customers," said Coveo CEO and President Laurent Simoneau. "The value enterprise search can bring to organizations may only be unlocked if it is easily deployable and customizable, and fits within established processes--and so becomes highly user-centric . Our new, Enterprise Email Search package--the latest Coveo innovation--provides just that, the ability to customize rules and permissions, for completely secure visibility into billions of emails and attachments, even those on employee desktops."

Coveo Enterprise Email Search is powered by the Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0 platform, which has been thoroughly tested for scalability on billions of documents. The most modular and scalable enterprise search solution, Coveo Enterprise Search has a reputation for ease of deployment and self-service customization.

"Other solution providers require you to spend tens if not hundreds of thousands in service fees to customise the enterprise search solution and make enterprise search work for your employees," said Trent Parkhill, VP, Director IT of Haley and Aldrich, an engineering and environmental consultancy with decentralized data storage in offices nationwide, for which knowledge sharing and email access is critical. "With Coveo, we can get fast advice from the services team and then customize the system ourselves, with the powerful admin dashboard and interface editor. We're able to index and search all email, which our employees can classify as "personal," "company confidential," or "open to everyone." Not only can our staff search all of their own email, but project email is going to be saved, archived and searchable by everyone. Enterprise search now meshes seamlessly with classification and email archiving to give us a full email management solution."

About Coveo

Coveo is a leading provider of advanced enterprise search technology and information access solutions, including mobile search solutions, for high performance businesses. Coveo solutions are the industry's most modular and scalable, creating the easiest deployments and lowest total cost of ownership, and yet provide sophisticated functionality to foster better customer experiences, and increase sales, productivity and collaboration among knowledge workers. By enabling real-time access to relevant business information, Coveo search solutions optimize business processes for customer service, information publishing, ecommerce, collaboration, investigations and litigation support.

The Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0 Platform powers all Coveo solutions and is a sophisticated, modular search platform that enables secure, just-in-time and unified information access and monitoring, regardless of where the information is stored across enterprise servers, desktops, or within cloud-based applications. Results enable better decision-making and improve overall business performance and productivity.

Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0:

    --  Indexes and dynamically links both structured and unstructured
        information within e-mail servers and archives, intranets, CRM and
        enterprise information systems, social media, databases, web content,
        voice content from multimedia, and even PST files from offline laptops;
    --  Provides guided navigation through this information--via desktops and
        smartphones--to enable faster, more efficient and productive business
        processes; and
    --  Powers dynamic, business intelligence dashboards and information
        monitoring and alert applications that drive business performance.

With a unique, customer-driven approach and risk-free proof-of-concept, Coveo contributes to the success of more than 600 customers globally, including AmerisourceBergen, CA, California Water Service, D.E. Shaw, Deloitte, DirectBuy, GEICO, ESPN, Haley & Aldrich, Lockheed Martin, Odyssey America, P&G, Progress Software, PRTM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rabobank, SNC-Lavalin, Spencer Stuart, Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers N.V., Taubman Centers, Inc. (NYSE: TCO) and the U.S. Navy.

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