Coveo Delivers Enhanced Functionality to its Award-Winning Enterprise Search Solution

Leading search provider adds 64-bit support and new connectors for Symantec Enterprise Vault and


Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure, enterprise search solutions, announced today that it has added powerful, new capabilities to its award-winning Coveo Enterprise Search technology. Coveo continues to deliver on its commitment to provide businesses and organizations with mission-critical search technology paired with the market's easiest deployment. In doing so, Coveo connects people with the knowledge that is essential to drive better business.

The following new capabilities are now available in Coveo Enterprise Search:

    -- Greater scalability with support for Windows 64-bit operating
        -- Improves search indexing and query performance
        -- Expands access to more powerful servers, providing
         businesses with an indexing solution that requires
         significantly less hardware

    -- New connectors for Symantec Enterprise Vault v2 offers more
     flexibility and controls
        -- Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft(R) Exchange and
         Symantec Enterprise Vault email archives allows for
         integrated search across all corporate email content
        -- Re-factored connector enables indexing and search of
         massive email archives

    -- Enhanced connector for improves performance and
     overall user experience
        -- Easier to deploy and delivers an intuitive CRM search
         interface, right out-of-the-box
        -- Improves performance and precision of indexing and

"Coveo is continually providing organizations with the ability to connect to a greater amount of knowledge so that they can drive better business, increase ROI and lower their total cost of ownership," said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo's president and CEO. "By delivering on our promise to regularly offer new technology enhancements and connectors, and by offering a platform-class search solution that is easier to deploy than all other solutions, we are rapidly increasing our customer base and further increasing our position in the enterprise search arena."

Based on leading edge technologies and a winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo delivers the best value in the enterprise search marketplace with out-of-the-box document level security, unparalleled accuracy, consumer-style ease of use, and an implementation of less than 24-hours.

Noted by IDC as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in Canada, Coveo is driving a market which Jeff Raikes, president of the Microsoft Business Division recently validated as "becoming an indispensable tool to businesses of all sizes, helping people find, use and share critical business information quickly." With a business initiative focused on collaboration and a radical approach to deploying enterprise search, Coveo's search technology also delivers proven organizational efficiencies for knowledge management, risk management, IP protection, compliance and improved customer experience.

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About Coveo Solutions, Inc.

Coveo offers search solutions that empower enterprises to securely access critical information as needed. Whether it's to meet regulatory compliance, improve customer response, protect intellectual property or improve organizational efficiencies, Coveo's enterprise search technology enables organizations to find, understand and act on critical information located anywhere in the enterprise. Coveo's enterprise clients include HP, Procter & Gamble, CA, Rabobank, PwC, Deloitte, Nomura, National Grid, AMN Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen, US Navy, Yellow Pages Group (Canada), Haley & Aldrich, Michigan State Appellate Defenders Office and ESPN.

Source: Coveo Solutions, Inc.