New White Paper by Greenhill Analysis Outlines Value of a Grass Roots Approach to Deploying Enterprise Search

Coveo cited as offering the right path to enterprise search deployment


Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure, enterprise search solutions, announced today the availability of a new whitepaper by Susan Aldrich, principal analyst of Greenhill Analysis, entitled "The Right Path to Enterprise Search: Grass Roots vs. the Enterprise Infrastructure Play." This whitepaper outlines four steps businesses can take in deploying successful enterprise search without getting into a full-blown, costly and time-consuming enterprise infrastructure project. It also discusses the value offered to businesses that deploy enterprise search solutions on a departmental level versus across the company's entire infrastructure.

Enterprise infrastructure projects typically involve extensive planning, big budgets, and deployments that often stretch from months to many years. This does not fit today's search scenario, where departments and business units are expecting immediate bottom-line value in high quality search. According to the white paper, companies looking to deploy enterprise search need to consider a grass roots approach. By doing so, they can achieve an enterprise search capability that is pragmatic and quickly deployed, enabling the coordination and collaboration their enterprises need.

"Highly effective enterprise search can improve customer service, reduce call volumes by 50 percent, reduce contact center costs by 30 percent, and double online revenues," said Susan Aldrich. "However, many of the current enterprise search solutions being considered by businesses today are often ponderous and expensive, because they promise capabilities over and above what these organizations require to achieve the results they need today."

"The grass roots approach to enterprise search creates some special requirements, most particularly, that there are no obstacles for departments doing pilots and that there is a way to merge all the individual deployments into a seamless whole," adds Aldrich. "With its no cost downloads, free connectors, as-is install, and its mirrored distributed indexing, Coveo Enterprise Search 5.0 is unique in its ability to solve both of these problems."

"You just don't need the Queen Elizabeth II to cross a lake," commented Laurent Simoneau, president and CEO of Coveo. "By showing the value of a grass roots enterprise search deployment, Greenhill's white paper validates Coveo's approach. We encourage businesses that are looking to deploy successful enterprise search solutions without a huge investment to download this white paper and consider this approach."

Based on leading edge technologies and winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo Enterprise Search delivers the best value in the enterprise search marketplace with out-of-the-box document level security, unparalleled accuracy, consumer-style ease of use, and an implementation of less than 24 hours.

Noted by IDC as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in Canada, Coveo is driving a market that is considered a gate keeper to unleashing business success. With a business initiative focused on collaboration and a radical approach to deploying enterprise search, Coveo's search technology also delivers proven organizational efficiencies for knowledge management, risk management, IP protection, compliance and improved customer experience.

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The Greenhill Analysis white paper, "The Right Path to Enterprise Search: Grass Roots vs. the Enterprise Infrastructure Play," can be downloaded for free here:

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