Coveo Enterprise Search 5.0 Provides Businesses with the Most Collaborative and Agile Search Solution Available

Latest Version of Award-Winning Search Solution Includes Distributed Indexing, Greater Connectivity, Personalized Ranking, Improved Security and a New User Interface


Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure, enterprise search solutions, announced today the availability of Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) 5.0, the first commercially-viable enterprise search solution for today's complex data environments. The latest version of Coveo Enterprise Search distinguishes itself within the marketplace by offering the following rich array of new benefits:

    --  Distributed indexing capabilities enhance the overall end-user
        experience in environments such as Microsoft(R) SharePoint,
        while reducing network load caused by indexing by up to 40%.
        Through the use of index "mirrors," data located in different
        geographic locations is automatically synchronized into a
        single, integrated set of index results, enabling an optimized
        balance in speed and relevancy, and a more scalable approach
        to information retrieval.

    --  More free connectors - Coveo continues to expand the free
        library of powerful connectors that expand the flexibility of
        CES by allowing businesses to index content from the most
        commonly used enterprise repositories including, Microsoft Exchange, Documentum and Symantec
        Enterprise Vault. With API connectivity to Google OneBox for
        Enterprise, users can also obtain federated query results from
        content in enterprise repositories and business applications,
        such as SAP, Cognos and Business Objects.

    --  Real-time ranking - Query Ranking Expressions (QRE) allow
        administrators and end-users to easily customize the rank of
        search results, enabling specified data to have a greater or
        lessened emphasis within the results set.

    --  Enhanced SharePoint functionality - Users see better results
        faster than ever. With improved search navigation, live
        indexing and quick views of search results from Microsoft(R)
        Office SharePoint Server 2007 libraries, users can now get to
        the right information in record time.

    --  Audio-video search in multiple languages - A media player for
        Microsoft(R) Silverlight(TM) is included, as are audio-video
        search capabilities in UK English and French, empowering
        businesses to extend their searches to include a wide
        assortment of content from Web 2.0 applications, such as
        webinars, podcasts and other critical audio/video content.

    --  Secure interoperability - New security options, including
        early- and late binding, enable search across the enterprise
        for quick and easy access to all relevant information within
        user security profiles.

    --  Industry's most intuitive search interface - CES 5.0's user
        interface includes pop-up "quick views," documents thumbnails,
        and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of search results.
        Users can customize and further refine their search queries by
        selecting sets of data to include or exclude from the search
        results - such as document formats, dates, languages, authors,
        and more.

"As critical enterprise content continues to double at alarming rates, enterprises are increasingly requiring secure search solutions that quickly and accurately find the right information in a wide variety of formats from distributed silos of data," said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo's president and CEO. "Coveo Enterprise Search 5.0 accurately retrieves the most hard-to-find information - including audio and video - and is tightly integrated with today's most powerful enterprise solutions, offering businesses a robust and independent layer on top of their existing information repositories. This drives business efficiencies, increases ROI and lowers the total cost of ownership. A growing number of global businesses are quickly realizing Coveo is one of the most collaborative enterprise search solutions on the market while remaining the most agile, requiring only hours or days to deploy instead of months."

"Scalability is the biggest challenge with any enterprise service. Search technology may need to grow 100 or 1,000 times its initial deployment size, and support the many types of users across the enterprise. It must be easy to install and manage in pilots and departments. It also must handle many types of documents, which are written in styles ranging from a product data sheet to a 1,000 page reference manual. And more than just documents - it should be capable of indexing audio, people, blogs, wikis, and other modern content. Coveo Enterprise Search really does an excellent job of addressing these enterprise scalability needs," says Susan Aldrich, Senior VP of Patricia Seybold Group.

Based on leading edge technologies and winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo Enterprise Search delivers the best value in the enterprise search marketplace with out-of-the-box document level security, unparalleled accuracy, consumer-style ease of use, and an implementation of less than 24 hours.

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About Coveo Solutions, Inc.

Coveo offers search solutions that empower enterprises to securely access critical information as needed. Whether it's to meet regulatory compliance, improve customer response, protect intellectual property or improve organizational efficiencies, Coveo's enterprise search technology enables organizations to find, understand and act on critical information located anywhere in the enterprise. Coveo's enterprise clients include HP, Procter & Gamble, CA, Rabobank, PwC, Deloitte, Nomura, National Grid, AMN Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen, US Navy, Verizon, Yellow Pages Group (Canada) and ESPN.

Source: Coveo Solutions, Inc.