NEC to Offer Coveo's Award-Winning Enterprise Search Solution

Reseller partnership increases Coveo's global footprint in Australia


Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure enterprise search solutions, announces that NEC Australia, in partnership with Hyperinsight Pty Ltd, will be providing Australian businesses with the Coveo Enterprise Search solution. In addition to expanding Coveo's global footprint, this new partnership positions NEC and its extensive network of systems integrators at the forefront of enterprise search solution providers across the world.

NEC has sought to provide a proven, highly secure, truly scalable enterprise grade search technology, and the required knowledge of enterprise search customer needs. Over the past 18 months, NEC has conducted detailed evaluations of Coveo Enterprise Search and Hyperinsight's associated long-running experience with this technology and customer applications. The new NEC partnership with Hyperinsight means NEC can meet the enterprise search demands across the full spectrum of Australian businesses.

Based on leading edge Microsoft technologies and winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo Enterprise Search delivers the best value in the marketplace with out-of-the-box document level security, unparalleled accuracy, consumer-style ease of use, and an implementation cycle of less than 24 hours. Whether it's to meet regulatory compliance, improve customer response, leverage intellectual property, or improve organizational efficiencies by up to 35%, Coveo Enterprise Search enables businesses to find, understand and take action on critical information located anywhere in the enterprise.

"Search technology is about providing answers, but while companies need access to their information to find the answers, they don't want to focus on how they are getting it," said Rocco Arico, NEC Australia's executive general manager National Sales and Marketing, announcing the partnership with Hyperinsight. "With an integrated Coveo solution, NEC offers a powerful solution that searches companies' data in real time regardless of where it is and the format, so users only have to ask questions once to find the answers they need."

"NEC has a solid reputation as one of the world's leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions. This partnership between NEC and Hyperinsight to resell our enterprise search solutions throughout Australia is a huge win for us and demonstrates the proven ability of our technology to deliver the absolute best solutions for quickly finding the right data," said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo's president and CEO. "We look forward to a long-standing and growing relationship between our businesses in the months and years to come."

Rohan Fernando, director of Hyperinsight Pty Ltd, said: "NEC and its network of systems integrators have the capability, the experience, and the close customer relationships needed to provide Australian businesses with a comprehensive enterprise search solution. Importantly, these Australian businesses are looking for a robust, secure and flexible enterprise search solution with high quality consultancy and support from a company they can trust."

Today, enterprises everywhere are experiencing information overload. There's an explosion of electronic content inside the business with constant additions of new information and adaptations of existing information. Many different information repositories are needed across the business. There's also often multiple different proprietary software applications used to store the business information. Most importantly, users of information inside business need instant access to the right information, and it must be delivered with total security and seamless IT integration.

NEC's partnership with Hyperinsight means all these business issues are thoroughly addressed.

Noted by IDC as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in Canada, Coveo is driving a market that is considered a gate keeper to unleashing business success. With a business initiative focused on improved customer experience through collaboration, Coveo's search technology also delivers proven organizational efficiencies for knowledge management, risk management, IP protection and compliance.

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About NEC Australia

A leader in the development of broadband and mobile communications technologies, NEC Australia's expertise has propelled the company to the forefront of new era in communications. NEC Australia is a leading provider of end-to-end voice, data and video solutions for business and government. NEC Australia utilizes its expertise in IP telephony, contact centers and managed services, and its strong partnerships with leading companies to provide innovative and affordable business solutions.

Through the provision of new technologies such as plasma displays, data projectors and high-speed broadband connections, NEC Australia continues to drive innovation into the office and the home. NEC Australia's commitment to innovation and continued expansion into export markets remains unrivalled. NEC is home to Australia's largest ICT Research and Development facility. As well as undertaking leading R&D in DSL technologies and 3G mobile terminals, NEC Australia's broadband business, Nextep broadband delivers business grade DSL services for SMEs, corporates and governments. For more information about NEC Australia, visit

About Hyperinsight Pty Ltd

Hyperinsight ( is an Australian company specializing in enterprise centric computer information management, search and systems integration products and services. Hyperinsight staff have many years experience in enterprise search technologies, information management and systems integration applications in regions covering Australia, NZ, Asia and the Middle East. Hyperinsight services customers working across a broad range of industries that include analyst / consulting, high technology, engineering & construction, law enforcement & defense, and transport & logistics. Hyperinsight are the primary distributors and application specialists for the full range of Coveo Enterprise Search software products for these global regions.

About Coveo Solutions Inc.

Coveo offers search solutions that empower enterprises to securely access critical information as needed. Whether it's to meet regulatory compliance, improve customer response, protect intellectual property or improve organizational efficiencies, Coveo's enterprise search technology enables organizations to find, understand and act on critical information located anywhere in the enterprise. Coveo's enterprise clients include HP, Procter & Gamble, CA, Rabobank, PwC, Deloitte, Nomura, National Grid, AMN Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen, US Navy, Verizon, Yellow Pages Group (Canada) and ESPN.

Source: Coveo Solutions Inc.