Coveo Awarded Patent for Automatic Speech Recognition Training Capabilities in Coveo Audio-Video Search Technology

Innovative speech recognition technology converts audio into text, allowing users to search and find more accurate data from audio and video files


Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure enterprise search solutions, announced today that it won a U.S. patent for technology it developed to automatically train the language model and modify the dictionary of a speech recognition engine used with its award-winning Coveo Audio-Video Search (CAVS) technology.

Coveo's speech recognition training capabilities 'self-learns' by leveraging relevant contextual content related to the audio and video files, allowing it to better model the enterprise language. Working in unison with CAVS, the solution converts speech found within audio and video files into text, so that the text can be indexed to more accurately match user queries and offer a more productive search experience. With the integration of these new and innovative speech recognition training capabilities, Coveo offers a unique search tool that helps businesses and their customers more easily find content, texts and video simply through textual queries.

"Speech recognition is becoming the standard for audio-visual search, as recently noted by Google's executives," said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo's chief executive officer. "But while others in the market are setting the stage, we are thrilled that Coveo is the first to market with a patented solution that not only retrieves relevant audio and video, but does so by integrating smart speech recognition technology capabilities."

"Text search is a problem that is addressed by many products in the market, but as more enterprise as well as Web information is stored in audio or video files, we are losing access to the great swathes of information," said Sue Feldman, IDC's VP for Search and Digital Marketplace Technologies. "Speech recognition technologies like Coveo's give us visibility into this growing collection of non-text information."

Introduced in February as the sole property of Coveo, and recently named one of KMWorld magazine's "Trend-Setting Products of 2007," Coveo's audio-video technology leverages the successful platform of its flagship product, Coveo Enterprise Search (CES), to improve search precision and allow users to quickly and easily retrieve audio and video files in the same process in which they currently find data such as PDF files, emails, etc. The search experience has proven to be unlike anything users have known in the rich media field - enabling proper names, employee names and domain terms to be automatically recognized.

Noted by IDC as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in Canada, Coveo is driving a market that is considered a gate keeper to unleashing business success. With a business initiative focused on collaboration, Coveo's search technology also delivers proven organizational efficiencies for a knowledge management, risk management, IP protection, compliance and improved customer experience.

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Source: Coveo Solutions Inc.