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This is Coveo

Coveo powers the digital experiences of the world’s most innovative brands serving millions of people and billions of interactions across every digital experience. After a decade of enriching our market-leading platform with forward-thinking global enterprises, we know what it takes to gain a trusted AI-experience advantage.

Our single SaaS AI platform and robust suite of AI & GenAI models are designed to transform the total experience from CX to EX across websites, ecommerce, service, and workplace. Powering individualized, trusted, and connected experiences across every interaction to delight customers and augment employees, and drive superior business outcomes.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that the future is business-to-person, that experience is today’s competitive front line, a make or break for every business. For enterprises to achieve this AI-experience advantage at scale, it is imperative to have an Enterprise Spinal and composable ability to deliver AI semantic search and generative experiences at each customer and employee interaction.

ESG and Pledge 1%

At Coveo, we believe that equal access to knowledge and education is crucial for human wellness, reducing inequalities, and combating poverty. As part of our commitment to these values, we have joined the Pledge 1% movement and pledged to donate 1% of our time, products, future profits, and equity to non-profits that support our environmental, social, and governance initiatives. We plan to continue dedicating our time, profits, and products, in addition to our equity, to make a lasting impact in our communities, and we believe these efforts will help make relevance a force for good worldwide.

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